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Watertown has an excellent selection of trailers!
Boat - Pontoon - Utility - Snowmobile (Sled) - Deck - Tilt - V-Front - Aluminum - Tandem

Boat, Pontoon and Utility Trailers at Watertown

Yacht Club WC112  Trailer 2022 Yacht Club WC112 Watercraft PWC Trailer
New • Black
• heavy duty structural welded frame
Tow a single personal watercraft on this Yacht Club WC112 steel frame trailer. It has a contoured frame design, custom molded composite fenders and 12 inch steel rims.

Yacht Club P2435T  Trailer 2021 Yacht Club P2435T Tandem Axle Pontoon Trailer
New • Black • for 22'-24' boats
• tandem axles
Yacht Club model P2435T is available as well as more models of the pontoon boat trailers, at Watertown, call Jay at 204-345-6663 for details. Financing available

Yacht Club PB2880TRG Galvanized Trailer 2021 Yacht Club PB2880TRG Triple Axle Pontoon Trailer
New • Galvanized • for 27'-28' boats
• boat length rear O/S tube to deck frt 26'2"/29'3"
• tube center to center width 68"/80"
Yacht Club Pontoon boat trailer model PB 2880 TRG available at Watertown, call Jay at 204-345-6663 for details. Financing available

Yacht Club 1610B  Trailer 2022 Yacht Club 1610B Fishing Boat Trailer Boat Trailer
New • Black • for 14'-16' boats
• carpeted bunks
• tire size 4.80 x 12
This Yacht Club trailer model 1610 B, is available at Watertown, Lac du Bonnet, call Jay at 204-345-6663 for details

Yacht Club PTB2045T  Trailer 2021 Yacht Club PTB2045T Standard Series Pontoon Trailer
New • Black • for 18'-20' boats
• Boat length rear of O/S tube to deck front 18'2"/21'3"
• tube center to center width 70"/82"
Yacht Club Pontoon Trailer model PTB2045T and other pontoon trailer models available at Watertown, call Jay at 204-345-6663 for details.

Yacht Club WC115  Trailer 2022 Yacht Club WC115 Watercraft PWC Trailer
New • Black
• carpeted bunks
Other available Personal Watercraft Yacht Club trailers available similar to this model are: WC110, and WC224. For more information, call Jay at Watertown, 204-345-6663

Yacht Club PTB2245T PTB Bunk Trailer 2021 Yacht Club PTB2245T Pontoon Trailer
New • Black • for 21'-22' boats
• 2 x 5 polyester powder painted steel frame with 3 x 5 steel tube tongue
• deluxe ladder style winch stand
• brakes
Yacht Club Pontoon Trailer, in stock and ready to go! Call Jay 204-345-6663

Yacht Club PB2250T  Trailer 2021 Yacht Club PB2250T Pontoon Trailer
New • Black • for 21'-22' boats
• tandem axle
• deluxe winch stand
Yacht Club pontoon boat trailers available at Watertown. Come and see our huge ion. Call Jay 204-345-6663 for details. Financing available.

Shoreland'r ALV2314LW-03 V-Frame Trailer 2020 Shoreland'r ALV2314LW-03 BUNK Boat Trailer
Non-current • Black
For the best value for the money, check out this Shoreland'r Boat Trailer. Comes with bearing protectors. A dependable boat trailer is so important. Choose a Shoreland'r Trailer, reliable and tough.

Shoreland'r SLR15 Roller Trailer 2020 Shoreland'r SLR15 Boat Trailer
Non-current • Black • for 14'-16' boats
• tire size 5.30 X 12C Carlisle
• coupler size 2" Class II
• flat 4 pin plug in wiring
SLR15 Shoreland'r roller style boat trailer.

Shoreland'r LUV30BESWSSO-03 V - Frame Trailer 2019 Shoreland'r LUV30BESWSSO-03 Bunk Boat Trailer
Non-current • Black
• swing tongue
• bunk style 2 x 6 x 101"
• coupler size 2" Brake Actuator
Shoreland'r V-Frame 3000 lb capacity boat trailer, bunk style

Shoreland'r LUX23SES7SS0-03 Roller Trailer 2019 Shoreland'r LUX23SES7SS0-03 Fishing Boat Trailer
Non-current • Black
This smart looking Fishing trailer with rollers is a good choice to support your boat, remember, your boat spends much of its time resting on a trailer, so this Shoreland'r is a great choice. Call Jay at Watertown for more information

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Not all stock is listed online. We have more for sale on the lot at Watertown.

Call Watertown "Sales" at 204-345-6663 for inventory inquiries.

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