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Boat Checklist

Boating Equipment

To get the most out of your boating holiday or weekends, develop a checklist to avoid setbacks like arriving at a far-away lake without a boat plug or a fuel line. Here's some of the basics:

  • Boating Equipment - so much stuff, so easy to forget! Some things are required to make the boat run, others by law and for safety.
    • General Boating Items
      • Sun block.
      • Navigation maps. Maps or GPS mapping with depth contours are helpful for avoiding submerged hazards, aka rocks.
      • Boat keys with floating key chain - memorize Mercury ignition key number; we can replace it at Watertown.
      • Fuel tanks, fuel and oil - check for water; it can be seen beading below the fuel when tanks are nearly empty. An engine with water in the fuel system is nearly impossible to start.
      • Fuel line - check for cracking or hardening.
      • Fully charged battery installed - finger-tight wing nuts are NOT good enough. Any break in conductivity to the battery due to loose connections can cause serious engine electrical damage.
      • Functional running lights. Absolutely necessary after dark to prevent dangerous collisions.
      • Anchor with plenty of rope. (minimum double the anchoring depth, more is more effective)
      • Anchor bucket.
      • Boat bumpers with rope.
      • Rope for docking.
      • Boat drainage plug - make sure plug sleeve on boat is free of oily residue. Keep a spare boat plug in the glove box of your towing vehicle.
      • Mooring cover.
      • Trailer tie-downs - boat should be firmly secured to the trailer, front and back, for travelling.
      • Spare trailer light bulbs (incandescent) - if you forget to unplug your trailer wiring before launching, the bulbs will likely "pop." Keep a couple of spare bulbs if the trailer lights are not waterproof.
      • Cleaning supplies - window cleaner, wax, vinyl upholstery cleaner, Rain-X (most boats have no wipers), sponges, terrycloth rags, brush, pail. What the heck, might as well have some cleaning supplies; what if the fish aren't biting?
      • Camera - with water resistant case.
    • Required by Law (Manitoba law)
      • Approved life preservers for each person on board - modern lifejackets are comfortable and stylish; wear them.
      • 2 oars with oarlocks or 2 paddles.
      • Sounding Device - carry a whistle, even if you have an electric horn to avoid unpleasant conflicts with officers.
      • Bailing can or manual pump.
      • Boat registration numbers - if your boat has 10hp or more.
      • Fire Extinguisher, Class B1 - for boats with inboard engines, built-in fuel tanks or fuel equipped stoves or heaters.
    • Fun Stuff
      • Ski ropes, inflatables rope, ski bar.
      • Ski gloves, vests and wetsuits.
      • Slalom, trick and jumper skis w/helmet; kneeboard; inflatables and wakeboard.
      • Suntan lotion and sun block.
      • Volleyball, football (foam rubber ones are great at the lake) and frisbee.
      • Cooler w/lots of non-alcoholic refreshments and ice.
      • Beach towels and shades.
    • Fishing Gear
      • Fishing licenses.
      • Fishing rods and reels.
      • Tackle box w/long-nose pliers, tackle, filleting knife and stringer.
      • Net.
      • Reef marker floats.
      • Bait.
      • Trolling Motor.
      • Snacks, drinks and spits.
      • Depth finder/graph.
      • Hat, sunblock, raingear and fish glove.
      • Shore lunch supplies.
      • Measuring tape and spring scale

...continues with Basic Survival Gear on "Boat Checklist 2".



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