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Boat Checklist 2

Basic Survival Gear

  • Survival Gear - depending on how remote your boating will be. Always remember your engine could quit, you could get lost or stranded by nightfall or bad weather. Be sure to plan for the possibility. Here's just a few things to bring along, all of which can easily fit in a small nylon bag or backpack. Manitoba nights can get cold and wet, even in the summer, so don't get caught exposed and under-dressed.
    • Survival Booklet; heed its equipment suggestions for the type of trip you're planning. Such booklets have great tips for finding direction, catching small game, building shelters and staying dry.
    • Waterproof matches and a lighter.
    • LED flashlights.
    • Small metal bowl or pot.
    • Compass - learn how to use it.
    • Water resistant jacket - great to have, even just for evening boating.
    • Long pants - loose fitting and light in color for mosquito protection.
    • Long sleeved shirt - loose fitting and light in color; tightly woven fabric.
    • Wool blanket.
    • A strong, sharp knife. A Gerber or Leatherman is an excellent choice.
    • Insect repellant - 30% deet. It may be all that stands between you and a night of a thousand mosquito bites. No joke.
    • Personal prescription medication.
    • First aid kit.
    • Energy bars.
    • Life Straw or another means of water purification.
    • Toilet paper. Remove the cardboard insert and flatten the roll to save some space.

The above is a start, but it really wouldn't make for a comfortable night stranded in the wilderness, especially in bad weather. If you're heading to a remote spot, do be sure to have sufficient gear in case of trouble, not the least of which would include a tent. Experience and knowledge are also important factors.

When it comes to survival gear, the sky's the limit for what you can get. What you need depends on the conditions and the place. For an interesting take on what others use for survival equipment, visit one of the popular video sites and search for the topics "SHTF bags" (lol), "bug out bags" or "survival gear."

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