ATV Safety

Enjoy Your ATV Adventure with Safety
An ATV is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. ATVs - All Terrain Vehicles - handle differently from other vehicles and it's important to understand safety guidelines before you head for the hills. Take a look at these safety tips and ensure your ATV adventure is always fun.

ATV Safety Tips*

  • Always read your Operator's Guide, Safety Handbook and all labels carefully and follow the operating procedures described; watch an ATV Safety Video.
  • Take a training course. Never operate an ATV without proper instruction.
  • Always follow age and passenger recommendation for your ATV (check with your dealer for specific guidelines)
  • Never operate an ATV on any paved surfaces or public streets.
  • Always wear protective gear including an approved helmet that fits properly.
  • Never consume alcohol or drugs before or while operating this ATV.
  • Inspect your ATV each time you use it to make sure it is in safe operating condition.
  • Be alert to changing terrain conditions; check for obstacles before operating in a new area. Be cautious of excessively rough, slippery or loose terrain. Never attempt to operate over large obstacles, such as large rocks or fallen trees.
  • Always follow proper procedures for climbing, descending and crossing hills; check terrain before you start. Don't attempt a hill too steep for the ATV or your abilities.
  • Never operate an ATV in fast flowing water or in water deeper than that specified in the Operator's Guide and the Safety Handbook. Remember that wet brakes may have reduced stopping ability.
  • Always be sure there are no obstacles or people behind you when you operate in reverse. When it is safe to proceed in reverse, go slowly.

*These safety tips are only general guidelines. Safety under the circumstances of operation is at the sole discretion and responsibility of the ATV operator. Stay in control at all times and keep your machine well-maintained. For more information about ATV Safety, call:
Canada Safety Council (CSC): 1-613-739-1535 ext. 227

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