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Watertown has an excellent selection of trailers!
Boat - Pontoon - Utility - Snowmobile (Sled) - Deck - Tilt - V-Front - Aluminum - Tandem

Boat, Pontoon and Utility Trailers at Watertown

Shoreland'r LUV23 SES7SS0-03 V-frame Bunk Trailer 2019 Shoreland'r LUV23 SES7SS0-03 Fishing Boat Trailer
New • Black
• width between fenders: 77"
• bunk style 2 x 6 x 101"
• coupler size 2 " Class II
Go the Extra Mile, Go Shoreland'r.

Shoreland'r LUV40TELWMSO-03 V-frame Trailer 2019 Shoreland'r LUV40TELWMSO-03 Bunk Boat Trailer
New • Black Metallic
• tire size: ST185/80 R13C
• surge/disc brakes
• custom molded fenders
Looking for a 4000 lb capacity trailer, call Jay for information on this one.

Shoreland'r LUV23SELWSSO-03 V-Frame Bunk Trailer 2019 Shoreland'r LUV23SELWSSO-03 Lund Fishing Boat Trailer
New • Black
• width between fenders 80 1/2"
• bunk style 2 x 6 x 101"
• coupler size 2" Class II
This trailer is available at Watertown, in Lac du Bonnet. Call Jay for more information

Shoreland'r B22S Bunk Trailer 2019 Shoreland'r B22S LUB SELMSS1-03 Boat Trailer
New • Black
• width between fenders 70 1/8"
• bunk style 2x4 x 105"
This Shoreland'r Boat trailer, 2019, has recently arrived at Watertown, call Jay for more information. Features a SWING tongue

Shoreland'r V22L Bunk Trailer 2019 Shoreland'r V22L CRB SELMSSO-03 Boat Trailer
New • Black
• width between fenders 70 1/8"
• Bunk style 2x4 x 105"
Go the Extra Mile, go Shoreland'r. This model is waiting for your boat at Watertown, Lac du Bonnet. Call Jay for more information.

Shoreland'r SLB 10 TL Bunk Style Trailer 2017 Shoreland'r SLB 10 TL Long Boat Trailer
New • Black
• width between fenders 44"
Equipped with custom molded fenders and 12 inch tires. Comes with a DL600A winch with a rating of 2600 lbs., with winch strap. Also outfitted with safety chains

Shoreland'r ALV 30 CBLW-51 Double Bunk Trailer 2017 Shoreland'r ALV 30 CBLW-51 V- Bunk Boat Trailer
New • Matte Black
• GVWR 3740 lbs
• frame size 2x4 - 11 GA
This attractive custom Shoreland'r boat trailer will provide you with ease of travel and launching of your boat.

Shorland'r ALV 30 CBSW-51 Double Bunk Trailer 2017 Shorland'r ALV 30 CBSW-51 V-Bunk Boat Trailer
New • Black
• GVWR 3740 lbs
The double bunks will provide a very even support for your boat on this Shoreland'r ALV30 CBSW boat trailer. Call Jay at Watertown for more details.

Shoreland'r ALV 2314 CL-51 V-Bunk Trailer 2017 Shoreland'r ALV 2314 CL-51 Bunk Boat Trailer
New • Black
• GVWR 3740 lb
• frame size 2x4 - 11 GA
Heavy duty boat trailer model ALV 2314-CL-51, painted black with aluminum diamond plate design fenders.

ShoreLand'r PT 1922 Pontoon Trailer 2017 ShoreLand'r PT 1922 Single Axle Pontoon Trailer
New • Black Metallic
Every boat needs an adequate trailer for trouble free towing. ShoreLand'r Pontoon Trailers, user friendly. The unique winch post design features dual cushioned deck stops and convenient steps for easy access to your pontoon boat.

Shoreland'r PT2325 AB Bunk Trailer 2017 Shoreland'r PT2325 AB Specialty Pontoon Trailer
New • Metallic Black
• width between fenders 73"
• length bow stop to end of bunk 287"
• GVWR 3420 lbs
For better performance on the road, the best choice is a Shoreland'r Trailer.

Shoreland'r SLV18LN V-Bunk Trailer 2016 Shoreland'r SLV18LN Boat Trailer
Non-current • Black Metallic
• max transom to bow eye 200"
Measure up you boat and see if this Shoreland'r Boat Trailer is the right size that you need. Go the Extra Mile, go for a Shoreland'r Boat Trailer.

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Not all stock is listed online. We have more for sale on the lot at Watertown.

Call Watertown "Sales" at 204.345.6663 for inventory inquiries.

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